Best Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024 : Expert Review

Welcome to a world of amazing sleep without the expensive price tag. Let’s discuss some affordable and comfortable sleep choices in today’s blog, ‘Best Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024’. If you have been searching for an ideal king size mattress that is affordable for your budget, Do not worry; you have reached the right place. Let’s get into the specifics and find the greatest solutions available for under Rs 15,000 mattresses.

Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024

First we should understand of Mattress Size.

There are four common mattress sizes for India that suit different needs and preferences. Here are their sizes and features:

  • Single Mattress Size: The smallest and most popular mattress size is the single mattress. It works well in small rooms or for one person. It usually measures 90 cm × 190 cm or 99 cm × 191 cm.
  • Double mattress size: This is also known as a full size. It’s larger than a single mattress but smaller than a queen size. The can fit for two people, but it might be a bit comfortable. It usually measures 137 cm × 191 cm or 140 cm × 200 cm.
  • Queen mattress size: This is one of the most popular mattress sizes. It’s roomy enough for two people, and it can fit in most bedrooms. It usually measures 152 cm × 203 cm or 160 cm × 200 cm.
  • King mattress size: This is the biggest and most luxurious mattress size. It is a large enough to fit two people and can also hold a child or a pet. It usually measures 193 cm × 203 cm or 180 cm × 200 cm.

These are some of the common mattress sizes in India that you can choose from. You can also check out some of the best mattresses online from brands like Wakefit, Sleepyhead, Duroflex, and more. I hope this helps you understand the mattress size. 😊

Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024
Flo Mattress
Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024
Kurl-On Mattress
Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024
Sleepyhead Mattress

Things to Think About When Selecting the Perfect Mattress.

The Importance of Mattress Selection

   – Highlighting the significance of choosing the right mattress as a long-term investment in body comfort and overall well-being.

Material Matters: Exploring the Options

   – Delving into the variety of materials available, from foam to spring, coir to cotton, and discussing the unique advantages of each type.

Orthopedic Mattress: Decoding the Mystery

   – Shedding light on the elusive ‘Orthopedic Mattress,’ emphasizing its lack of a set definition and the focus on personal comfort and varied materials.

Firmness and Size: Finding the Right Balance

   – Discussing the subjective nature of mattress firmness, the surprising preference for medium-firmness according to Harvard research, and the importance of choosing the right size and thickness.

Sleeping Styles: Tailoring to Individual Preferences

   – Addressing different sleeping styles and providing recommendations for each – from side sleepers preferring medium firmness and foam to back sleepers opting for medium-firm with memory or latex foam.

Choosing the Best Mattress: Beyond Budgets

   – Encouraging a shift from budget-centric shopping and urging consideration of who will be using the mattress, emphasizing the distinction between firmness and support, and highlighting the impact of bed frames on thickness.

Discounts and Decision Making: A Balanced Approach

   – Advising against letting discounts be the sole influence on purchase decisions and encouraging choices based on comfort, support, and individual needs.

Smart Choices for Meaningful Investments

   – Concluding with a reminder of the importance of making informed and thoughtful choices in mattress selection, recognizing it as a significant investment that directly impacts sleep quality and overall well-being.

Best Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024 : Review Details

Flo Mattress

Unlocking Better Sleep with Flo Mattress

Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024
Flo Mattress

Enter Flo Mattress – India’s pioneer in offering a mattress that makes you feel like you’re floating on water. Crafted from natural latex and the innovative Flo Responsive™ foam, this mattress provides unparalleled support, comfort, and freshness. With three distinctive options – Ergo™, Ortho™, and Anti-Gravity™ – Flo caters to a variety of sleep preferences.

Let’s dive into the choices:

Ergo™: Ideal for those who cherish a soft and cozy feel, Ergo™ features memory foam that molds to your body, enhancing relaxation and blood flow. The Flo Responsive™ foam adjusts to your pressure points, ensuring cool comfort through gel beads and 3D Air-Flo™ technology. The soft cover, infused with aloe vera gel, adds a skin-friendly touch.

Ortho™: Designed for enthusiasts of a firm and sturdy feel, Ortho™ boasts high-resilience foam for robust back and spine support. Paired with Flo Responsive™ foam, it aids back sleepers in aligning the spine and reducing back pain. The high-resilience foam’s tiny holes ensure free air flow for a fresh feel. The aloe vera gel-infused cover adds an extra layer of skin care.

Anti-Gravity™: For those seeking the best of both worlds – medium support with a light and bouncy feel – Anti-Gravity™ delivers. Its 100% natural latex adapts to your body shape, offering support and cushioning. The latex’s unique elasticity provides a weightless feeling, while charcoal-infused properties keep things cool, clean, and odor-free. The aloe vera gel-infused cover contributes to skin health.

Why Flo Mattress?

Flo Mattress isn’t just a mattress; it’s a comprehensive sleep solution, offering numerous benefits:

– 100-night risk-free trial: Experience the Flo Mattress for 100 nights, and if it doesn’t suit you, a hassle-free refund is guaranteed.

– 10-year warranty: Rest easy knowing Flo Mattress covers any defects or damages for a solid 10 years.

Free shipping and returns: Your Flo Mattress is delivered to your door in a compact box, free of charge, with an easy return process if necessary.

Custom sizes: Tailor your Flo Mattress to fit any bed size or shape at no additional cost.

Zero percent EMI: Enjoy the flexibility of monthly payments for your Flo Mattress without any interest or hidden fees.

Say goodbye to sleep woes – Flo Mattress is your key to a rejuvenating and comfortable night’s rest.

Kurl-On Mattress

Kurl-On Mattress: A Sleep Upgrade

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Kurl-On Mattress is 2nd top pic of our blog ‘Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024’. Quality sleep is essential for health and happiness, yet many struggle to get enough. A key player influencing sleep quality is our mattress. A poor mattress can lead to discomfort, back pain, allergies, and sleep disruptions.

Introducing Kurl-On Mattress, India’s oldest and most trusted mattress brand. With advanced technologies and natural materials, Kurl-On prioritizes support, comfort, and freshness. The six categories – Pure Coir, Kurlo Bond, Sparkle, Teensy, Dream Sleep, and Spine Therapy – cater to diverse preferences.

Pure Coir: Offering a firm and natural feel with a core of thick foam and coir made of natural rubber and coconut fiber, the Pure Coir category supports back sleepers, keeping the spine straight and reducing back pain.

Kurlo Bond: Providing a hard and strong feel with high resilience foam, the Kurlo Bond category is durable and resilient. Ideal for heavy sleepers, it ensures solid support to the back and spine.

Sparkle: Delivering a soft and cozy feel with memory foam and high resilience foam, the Sparkle category is perfect for side sleepers. Gel beads and 3D Air-Flo technology maintain a balanced temperature.

Teensy: Specially designed for kids, the Teensy category features high resilience foam for a bouncy feel and a firm base. It supports growth and development and is dust-free, germ-free, and fungus-free.

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Dream Sleep: Combining coir and foam benefits, the Dream Sleep category balances support and comfort for all sleepers. Natural germ-free and fungus-free materials ensure cool and clean sleep.

Spine Therapy: Tailored for spine care, the Spine Therapy category uses high resilience foam and memory foam to improve posture and reduce stress on the spine, making it suitable for those with back and neck issues.

Why Kurl-On Mattress?

Kurl-On Mattress is not just a mattress, it’s a sleep solution that offers you many advantages, such as:  

60 years of experience: Kurl-On Mattress has been helping India sleep well since 1962, and has been awarded as a Superb brand for its quality and variety. 

100-night risk-free trial: You can try out the Kurl-On Mattress for 100 nights, and if you’re not happy, you can get your money back, no problem. 

10-year warranty: You can sleep peacefully knowing that Kurl-On Mattress covers any defects or damages for 10 years. Free shipping and returns: You can get your Kurl-On Mattress delivered to your door in a small box, for free, and return it easily if needed. 

Custom sizes: You can get your Kurl-On Mattress made to fit any bed size or shape, at no extra cost. Zero percent 

EMI: You can buy your Kurl-On Mattress with monthly payments, without any interest or hidden fees.

Sleepyhead Flip – Dual Sided

Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024
Flo Mattress

Let’s talk about Sleepyhead Flip – the game-changer in the sleep game. Imagine having a mattress that’s not just a bed but your personalized sleep haven. Sleepyhead Flip is here to make that dream a reality, giving you the power to choose your side, your way.

Your Comfort, Your Rules:

Sleepyhead Flip is the ultimate bedtime VIP, offering you two sides to choose from. On one side, dive into a soft and plush paradise that feels like a hug from a cloud. It’s all about that gentle, medium-firm embrace with luxurious soft foam – perfect for those who want to sink into a cushioned sleep. And if you’re in the mood for something firmer, just flip it over. The other side is all about robust support, keeping your body aligned for a night of blissful sleep.

Crafted for Your Cozy Nights:

This mattress isn’t just about looks – it’s got layers that redefine comfort. The top layer boasts a soft knit fabric with breathable pores, making sure you stay cool and comfy. Pair that with plushy soft foam, and you’ve got a mattress that cuddles you no matter how you sleep.

Pick Your Side:

The Soft Side: Imagine wrapping yourself in a cozy cocoon. The plush comfort layer makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, cradling your body for a dreamy night’s sleep.

The Firm Side: Need extra support? Flip it to the firm side, where high-density foam layers have your back (literally). It’s the go-to for a solid, supportive surface.

Why Sleepyhead Flip?

Dual Comfort Magic: Your comfort, your rules. With dual comfort options on each side, this mattress caters to whatever sleep mood you’re in.

Flip and Feel: Switch between a cloud-like softness and a rock-solid firmness with our innovative flip design – it’s like having two mattresses in one.

Durable High-Density Foam: The core of Sleepyhead Flip is made with high-density foam, a superhero in durability and support. This mattress is here for the long haul, promising countless nights of quality sleep.

Double-Sided Bed Wonder: No more settling for one comfort level. The double-sided bed lets you choose between two distinct sleeping surfaces – it’s like having options for your mood.

HD Foam Comfort: Sleepyhead’s high-density foam mattress strikes the perfect balance between toughness and comfort, giving you an unbeatable sleep experience.

In conclusion, Sleepyhead Flip isn’t just a mattress; it’s your ticket to a sleep revolution. Redefine your nights with this luxury, because at Sleepyhead, your comfort is our innovation – because you deserve the best.


In conclusion, finding the right mattress under 15000 in India 2024 doesn’t have to be complicated. Understanding the various mattress sizes and their features is the first step towards making an informed decision, with options ranging from single to king size. Choosing the right mattress involves considering factors like material, firmness, size, and one’s individual sleeping style. We talked about three brands – Flo, Kurl-On, and Sleepyhead Flip. They each have their unique features, like Flo’s special foam, Kurl-On’s different types, and Sleepyhead Flip’s double-sided design.

Whether it’s the innovative Flo Responsive™ foam and natural latex of Flo Mattress, the six specialized categories of Kurl-On catering to various needs, or the dual-sided flexibility of Sleepyhead Flip, these mattresses are not just sleep surfaces; they’re comprehensive solutions designed to unlock better sleep. With enticing features like risk-free trials, warranties, free shipping, and customization options, these mattresses promise not just affordability but also a meaningful investment in quality sleep and overall well-being. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to rejuvenating, comfortable sleep experiences with these budget-friendly yet high-quality mattress options. Your journey to a good night’s sleep starts here, where comfort meets innovation, and your well-deserved rest begins.

FAQs for Best Mattress Under 15000 in India 2024

1. Q: What are the common mattress sizes available in India, and how do I choose the right size for my needs?

A: The common mattress sizes in India are Single, Double, Queen, and King. Single is ideal for one person, Double for two (a bit cozy), Queen for two comfortably, and King for a spacious experience. Consider room size and personal preferences when choosing.

2. Q: How do I determine the right firmness and size for my mattress to ensure a comfortable sleep experience?

A: The firmness of a mattress is subjective, but medium-firmness is often preferred. Harvard research suggests medium-firm mattresses. Choose a size that accommodates your sleeping style and room space, balancing comfort and support for a restful sleep.

3. Q: What factors should I consider when selecting a mattress beyond just the budget?

A: Look beyond budget and consider who will be using the mattress, the distinction between firmness and support, and the impact of bed frames on thickness. Make an informed decision based on comfort, support, and individual needs rather than solely focusing on discounts.

4. Q: Can you provide an overview of the Flo Mattress and the options it offers under the Best Mattress Under 15000 category?

A: Flo Mattress offers three distinctive options – Ergo™ (soft and cozy), Ortho™ (firm and sturdy), and Anti-Gravity™ (medium support with a light feel). Crafted from natural latex and Flo Responsive™ foam, Flo Mattress provides support, comfort, and freshness. It comes with a 100-night risk-free trial, a 10-year warranty, free shipping, and custom sizes.

5. Q: Tell me more about the Sleepyhead Flip mattress and its dual-sided design. How does it cater to different comfort preferences?

A: Sleepyhead Flip is a game-changer with two sides to choose from – a soft and plush side for a gentle, medium-firm embrace and a firm side for robust support. The mattress features a soft knit fabric with breathable pores, plushy soft foam, and high-density foam for durability. It’s a double-sided bed wonder, allowing you to switch between two distinct sleeping surfaces, catering to different comfort preferences.

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