Single Mattress Under 5000: A Comprehensive Guide

Seeking Comfort without Breaking the Bank

Single Mattress Under 5000

Are you in looking of an affordable and comfortable single mattress? If so, you are not alone Sir. Many individuals, students, job holder facing the challenge of finding a quality mattress that aligns with their budget and requirements.

In today’s fast-paced and stressful lifestyle, it is crucial to prioritize proper rest for our bodies. And a good-quality mattress plays a important role in ensuring relaxation and comfort, contributing to both mental and physical well-being of our body.

So, After days of extensive research, our team discovered five premium-quality single mattress under 5000, that stand out for their comfort, durability, and overall excellence. In this blog post, we will share some insight-tips, pros& cons , overall features with reviews to help you choose the perfect mattress that fits both your budget and preferences.

Why Opt for a Single Mattress Under 5000?

Several reasons might prompt you to choose a single mattress under 5000:

  • Budget Constraints: Prioritizing savings on your mattress purchase.
  • Limited Space: Needing a compact mattress suitable for smaller rooms.
  • Solo Sleeper: Not requiring a large or extra-large mattress.
  • Guest Room Essentials: Seeking a spare mattress for guests, kids, or hostels.
  • Temporary Solution: Looking for a transitional mattress until an upgrade is feasible.

Choosing a single mattress under 5000 doesn’t mean compromising on quality. With strategic shopping, you can still secure a decent mattress offering support, comfort, and durability.

Crucial Factors in Single Mattress Selection

When shopping for a single mattress under 5000, consider the following factors to narrow down your options:

Factors to ConsiderDescription
SizeDecide on the mattress size that fits your bed frame, room space, and body size. Consider mattress height for added comfort.
MaterialExplore different materials like coir, foam, spring, memory foam, latex, or hybrid, weighing their pros and cons based on your preferences.
DurabilityAssess mattress durability based on material quality, construction, and warranty. Look for high-density, resilient materials and a comprehensive warranty.
ComfortFind the right balance of firmness, softness, and support catering to your sleeping position, body weight, and personal preference.
Reviews and RatingsConsider genuine, recent, and detailed reviews and ratings to gauge real-life performance and satisfaction.

Top 5 Single Mattresses Under 5000 List

Here are our top picks for single mattresses under 5000, each with a brief description, pros, and cons:

Mattress ListPrice On Amazon
Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress₹5,808
Sleepyhead: Flip – Dual Sided Foam Mattress with Firm & Soft Sides₹6,839
Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal Lite Dual Comfort 5 Inch Mattress₹4,584.54
Sleepwell Dual Mattress₹4,975
Wakeup: Imperious Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress In White.₹5,808

1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, designed with a focus on back support and comfort, features a 7 Pressure Zone layer that customizes support for different body parts. The innovative Next Gen Memory Foam responds dynamically to pressure, promoting deep sleep and reducing body soreness. With temperature regulation and a removable, machine-washable knitted cover, this mattress ensures a cool and hygienic sleeping experience. The thoughtful design journey incorporates consumer insights, resulting in a unique three-layered memory foam mattress that eliminates pressure points, conforms to body contours, and aligns the spine for a restful sleep.

Product Details

Mattress FeelMedium Firm
Cover MaterialPremium quality high GSM spun knitted fabric
Cover TypeRemovable zippered external cover
Mattress MaterialOrtho Memory Foam, Responsive Support Foam, Trudensity 100% Pure Foam Base
Mattress UsabilityRecommended to use with the memory foam side facing up, but can be used on either side.

Product Dimensions

Mattress Thickness– If one sleeper weighs over 80kg, thickness should be 8 inches (20.32 cm).
– If both sleepers weigh less than 80 kg and one is between 60-80 kg, thickness should be 6 inches (15.24 cm).
– If both sleepers weigh less than 60 kg, thickness should be 5 inches (12.7 cm).
Dimensions72x30x5 inch (Single)

Product Policies

Warranty10 years manufacturer warranty
ShippingDirect from Factory/Warehouse
Available Offers0% (No Cost) EMI
Trial Period100 days trial
Risk-free returns.
Offers a comfortable lying and sleeping experienceIt is quite weighty and, thus, can make it difficult to relocate
Does not get constricted quicklyA bit expensive than the other available foam mattresses in the market
Provides excellent back supportSome people feel the mattress is too soft
Comes with an additional covering
Has a warranty of 10 years

According to the reviews, this mattress is designed with new technology that protects your spine from getting misaligned while sleeping. It also relieves the pressure points of your body and provides a superior air circulation. The mattress is composed of three layers of foam: Next-Gen Memory Foam, Differential Pressure Foam, and High Resilience Foam.

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2. Sleepyhead : Flip – Dual Sided Foam Mattress with Firm & Soft Sides

Introducing Sleepyhead Flip, the mattress that redefines comfort with its dual-sided design. On one side, experience a plush and gentle embrace, perfect for those who prefer a softer, cushioned feel. Flip it over, and you’ll find a firmer, supportive surface for those seeking a more robust level of comfort. No more compromises – Sleepyhead Flip offers two distinct options in one mattress. Enjoy the freedom to choose the perfect balance between softness and firmness, tailored to your unique sleep preferences. Elevate your comfort, switch effortlessly, and embrace the best of both worlds with Sleepyhead Flip for a restful night’s sleep.

Product InformationDetails
Length1.90 m (75″)
Width91.4 cm (36″)
Height12.7 cm (5″)
MaterialHigh Density Foam
Assembly RequiredNo
What’s in the boxMattress, Brand Manual, Safety Cutter & Sticker
Trial Period100 Nights Trial
Comfort OptionsDual Comfort (Firm & Soft)
MaterialHigh-Density Foam
DeliveryFree Home Delivery
Warranty7 Years
FabricSoft Knit Fabric – removes body humidity during sleep
Warranty Period7 Years
Return PolicyReturnable under 100 Nights Trial Policy
Installation TipAlways place the mattress on a flat surface
Offers two distinct sides for different sleep preferencesStrong off-gassing may occur after unboxing
Provides both plush luxury and firm supportNo options for sleepers seeking a medium or medium-firm feel
Comes with a warranty of 7 years
Has copper infusions to reduce microbial growth and overheating

3. Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal Lite Dual Comfort 5 Inch Mattress

Introducing the Lite Dual Comfort Mattress – your ticket to the perfect night’s sleep. With soft foam on one side and firmer foam on the other, it’s like having two mattresses in one. Sink into cloud-like softness after a long day, while the supportive pure PU foam ensures relief from body aches. Whether you prefer softness or firmness, the Lite Mattress has your back. Plus, its sleek knitted fabric keeps dust and stains away, blending seamlessly into any modern home. Get ready for the ultimate comfort experience.

Single Mattress Under 5000
Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal Lite Dual Comfort Mattress
  • Dual-Sided Comfort: The Lite Dual Comfort Mattress offers versatility with its dual-sided design, catering to both firm and soft mattress preferences.
  • High-Density Pure PU Foam: One side of the mattress features high-density Pure PU foam, ensuring optimal neck and spine support for a rejuvenating sleep experience.
  • Super Soft Cotton Knitted Fabric: The mattress is topped with super soft cotton knitted fabric, which is dust and stain-resistant, providing a gentle and comfortable surface for deep rest and quick sleep induction.
DeliveryFree Delivery
Replacement Period10 days Replacement
Warranty10 Year Warranty
BrandTop Brand
Delivery ProviderAmazon Delivered
Transaction SecuritySecure transaction
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Size OptionsSingle, Double, King, Queen
Style Name75X36X5 Inch
Special Features– The top layer of super soft foam allows body moulding, offering instant relaxation.
– With three comfort layers, this mattress is budget-friendly and great quality.
– This three-layer mattress is crafted with soft and comforting materials that work in perfect harmony to allow sound sleep.
– The pure PU foam layer has a unique profile cutting and offers quick full recovery.
– The knitted fabric of the mattress cover ensures the mattress is soft to touch and feel and offers good sleep.
Fill MaterialHigh-Density Foam
BrandDoctor Dreams
Product Dimensions190.5L x 91.4W x 12.7Th Centimeters
ColourBlack & White
Model NameLite
Product BenefitsThe dual-layered mattress is crafted with soft and comforting materials that work in perfect harmony to allow sound sleep.
Offers excellent spine and back muscle supportWon’t be able to prevent the transfer of motion
Has the right firmness valueStrong off-gassing may occur after unboxing
Releases pressure from the trigger points
Comes with a warranty of 10 years

4. Sleepwell Dual Mattress

Sleepwell mattress features a premium knitted fabric known for its smooth texture, high strength, and easy maintenance. The Sleepwell Soft Resitec® foam provides a soft and cushy comfort with a gentle bounce. The PU foam ensures lasting resilience, avoiding the common issues of uneven surfaces and sagging. Sleepwell’s Quiltec® foam quilting in the border not only adds plushness but also enhances airflow and heat dissipation, offering superior loft compared to other quilting foams. Experience comfort, durability, and innovation with our thoughtfully crafted mattress.

The “Neem Fresche Icon” represents an anti-microbial technology incorporated into all their products. This innovation is designed to shield you from potential threats such as dust mites, allergies, and respiratory disorders, ensuring a healthier and more protected living environment.

Dual Comfort ChoiceSame mattress offers options for both firm and medium soft comfort.
Thickness of Mattress12.5 cm (5.0″) thick, ensuring a substantial sleeping surface.
ReversibleMattress can be flipped, providing the choice between firm and medium soft sides.
Firm for Superior Body SupportOne side designed for firm support, ensuring proper body alignment.
Medium Soft for Enhanced ComfortOther side offers a medium soft feel, providing enhanced comfort.
Freshness & VentilationCrafted to promote freshness and ventilation for a cool sleep environment.
Pressure Point ReliefProvides relief from pressure points, reducing stress on joints.
Plush Top FeelTop surface has a plush feel for added comfort.

5. Wakeup : Imperious Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress In White

The Wakeup Imperious Orthopaedic memory foam mattress is a standout choice for overall health and well-being in India. Recognized for its unparalleled spine support, this mattress surpasses other alternatives, making it a leading orthopedic choice. If you deal with back pain, investing in this mattress can contribute to alleviating discomfort. Their commitment to quality sleep for energy and rejuvenation brings you the finest Memory foam mattress in India, ensuring you seize every opportunity each day without compromising on rest.

Product NameWakeup Imperious Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
OverviewAn incredible mattress for health with memory foam providing unparalleled spine support. Rapidly gaining popularity in India.
Best Orthopedic Memory Foam MattressEssential for a restful night’s sleep. Addresses spine pains, joint discomfort, and stiffened shoulders. Offers great relief to users.
Choosing the Ideal MattressCrucial for overall well-being. Imperious mattress, often overlooked, stands out for its quality and health benefits.
Features of Imperious Orthopaedic Mattress– Extended Support: Innovative ergonomic design conforming to neck and spine contours. – Minimize Flip Issue: Foam mattresses ideal for single and double beds available online. – Ideal for Spine Support: Designed for mechanical support, promoting spine health.
Technology of Imperious Orthopaedic MattressesThe type of foam mattress chosen directly impacts sleep quality. Imperious Orthopedic Mattress, a valuable investment, provides ample support for a good night’s sleep.
Charge for the Next MorningSink into the memory foam layer for an ortho-style charge, ensuring a happy and fresh start every morning.
Wake Up Happily Every MorningExperience a tension-free night with WakeUp and wake up happily, feeling fresh throughout the day.
Offers excellent spine and back muscle supportWon’t be able to prevent the transfer of motion
Has the right firmness valueStrong off-gassing may occur after unboxing
Releases pressure from the trigger points
Comes with a warranty of 10 years

This mattress is made of high quality and durable memory foam that conforms to your body shape and weight. The mattress is designed to provide orthopedic benefits and relieve pain and discomfort.

Maintaining Your Mattress for Longevity

After acquiring your single mattress under 5000, ensure its longevity with these maintenance tips:

  • Use a Mattress Protector: Employ a waterproof, breathable mattress protector to shield against dust, dirt, stains, spills, and allergens.
  • Rotate and Flip: Rotate 180 degrees every three months and flip every six months to prevent sagging and uneven wear (if applicable).
  • Clean Regularly: Vacuum with a soft brush attachment, spot clean stains with mild detergent and a damp cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals.
  • Air Your Mattress: Expose your mattress to fresh air and sunlight monthly to deter moisture, mold, and mildew.

In Conclusion

Choosing a single mattress under 5000? We have navigated through top picks like sleepyhead, wakeup, and Wakefit. From dual comfort to orthopedic benefits, we’ve simplified your options. Dive into product details, weigh pros and cons, and make your pick. Your cozy nights and energized mornings await. Ready for the perfect sleep? Explore now.

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