Best Top 5 Mattress in India 2024

Top 5 Mattress in India 2024 : Expert Review

Top 5 Mattresses In India 2024

Choosing the best online mattress in India can be tough with so many brands to pick from. But You don’t worry, our experts already did the hard work for you. We looked at things like support, comfort, and what customers said. Trust us, this is the most detailed online mattress review you’ll find. We’ll guide you about Top 5 Mattress in India 2024 so you can pick a mattress you’ll love.

Best Orthopaedic Mattress – Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress

This one’s great for giving you a comfy sleep. It uses natural latex and memory foam to make sure you’re super comfortable and not too hot during the night.

Best Premium  Mattress – Sunday Latex Plus Mattress

If you want to feel extra fancy, this mattress is for you. It’s made of high-quality natural latex, and it’s designed to fit your body shape and keep you cool.

Best Low-Priced  Mattress – Flo Ergo™ Mattress

For those on a budget, this mattress is a good choice. It is not expensive, and it uses different types of foam to make sure you’re comfy and not too hot when you sleep.

Best Spring Mattress – Peps Spring Koil Mattress

This one has springs that are like pockets, so it fits your body well. It’s bouncy, lets air through, and spreads your weight evenly.

Best Rubberized Coir Mattress – Kurlon Spinekare Mattress

If you care about the environment, this mattress is made with natural materials. It is good for your back and has a mix of firmness and softness.

Best Budget-Friendly Mattress – Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is good for your back, and it’s not too expensive. It uses a special kind of foam that hugs your body, and it’s just right. It is not too soft or too hard.

Quick Tip:

Many people in India like products that are good for the environment. More than 70% are ready to pay a bit more for things that are eco-friendly. (Source – CBRE)

How We Decided: We have five things we look at when checking mattresses:

1. Comfort: Does the mattress make you feel good and not achy?

2. Support: Does it keep you in a good position, no matter how you sleep?

3. Motion Isolation: Can you move without bothering someone else in bed?

4. Temperature: Does it stay cool, especially if you’re a warm sleeper?

5. Value for Money: Is it a good deal for what you get? Our top picks are comfy, supportive, last long, and don’t cost a fortune.”

Top 5 Mattress in India 2024 buy online:  Detailed Review

1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Get ready for ultimate comfort with Wakefit’s affordable mattresses. The Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is a wallet-friendly choice, giving you that soft and cozy feeling with its memory and responsive foams. This is one of our Top 5 Mattress in India 2024.

Top 5 Mattress in India 2024
Wakefit Mattress

But here’s the scoop, our testers say, that while it’s great for sinking into bed, it might not be the best for folks dealing with back pain. It might lack the support your back and neck need.

Straight out of India, the Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is making waves. It’s all about offering support with its top-notch memory foam, ensuring a good night’s sleep. You’ve got options with different sizes and thicknesses and a solid 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Say goodbye to those pesky body aches! This mattress is designed to relieve pressure and align your spine. And bonus points for being dust and mite-resistant. Plus, the removable and washable outer cover makes life easier. Upgrade your sleep game with Wakefit.

Product Details:

Wallet-friendly pricing.Tends to retain more body heat compared to other options.
Enjoyable comfort with soft and responsive foam.Durability may be impacted by compression over time.
Convenient removable and washable outer cover.Edge support could use improvement.
Effective motion isolation.Not recommended for heavy side sleepers dealing with back pain or those who prefer firm mattresses.
Ideal for budget-conscious buyers who prefer softer mattresses.

Insights from Our Mattress Testing Expert:

According to our product tester, the Wakefit mattress is undeniably cozy and comfortable. However, its softness may fall short in providing adequate support for back pain. If you’re dealing with discomfort in your shoulders, lower back, neck, or hips, opting for a firmer alternative might be the way to go.

2. Flo Ergo Mattress

Meet Flo , the latest addition of online mattresses to our top 5 Mattress in India 2024 . The Flo Ergo mattress stands out with its fantastic price point, giving tough competition to the Wakefit mattress.

The Ergo™ comes in 4, 6, 8, and 10-inch thickness options, catering to working professionals clocking long hours at their desks, couples in search of deep and restful sleep, and parents aiming to provide ultimate comfort to their children.

Top 5 Mattress in India 2024
Flo Ergo Mattress

This mattress boasts a medium-soft feel, striking a balance for a wide range of preferences. It incorporates Motion Isolation™ technology, ensuring that when one person moves, the other remains undisturbed throughout the night. Additionally, Stress Release™ technology minimizes pressure points, enhances blood circulation, and promotes a deeper sleep experience.

The top layer is crafted with gel-infused, temperature-sensitive memory foam that responds not only to your weight but also adapts to your body temperature, molding itself to your body’s contours. The base layer, featuring our proprietary Flo Responsive™ foam, prevents excessive sinking, responding dynamically to the pressure your body exerts for optimal support.

Wrapped in a luxurious cashmere fabric cover, and treated with aloe vera gel for skin hydration and a youthful look, this ergonomic mattress goes the extra mile. Our 3D Air-Flo™ technology ensures a cool sleep experience by dissipating heat away from your body.

Versatility is key with this reversible mattress, allowing you to choose the side that suits your comfort preference. On our softness-to-hardness scale (1 to 10), the top layer rates at 6/10, providing a gentle feel, while the base layer earns a solid 9/10 for sturdy support. Sleep cool, sleep supported – that’s the Flo Ergo experience.

Product InformationDetails
PriceStarting from ₹8,550 to ₹19,365
Model NameFlo Ergo Mattress
Product Weight20.14 kgs (Includes weight of packaging)
Product Dimensions182.9L x 182.9W x 15.2Th Centimeters
Top StyleTight Top
Firmness Scale
– Top Layer6/10 (Soft as a cotton ball)
– Bottom Layer9/10 (Hard as a marble floor)
Mattress Layers Material
– Top LayerMemory Foam
– Middle LayerSuper Soft Transition Layer
– Bottom LayerFlo Responsive™ Foam
Core FeatureMotion Isolation™ technology for zero partner disturbance
Cover MaterialAloe vera cover to keep your skin hydrated throughout the night
Fill MaterialMemory Foam
Special FeatureOrthopedic
Ratings4.1 out of 5 stars, 1,743 ratings in Amazon
Product BenefitsPressure relief, reduces tossing & turning, reduces back pain, provides orthopedic support
Product Care InstructionsAlways place the mattress on a flat surface
– Offers budget-friendly pricing compared to other online mattress brands.– Edge support could be enhanced.
– Features a flippable design providing a soft and plush feel on one side and medium-firm support on the other.– Long-term durability remains uncertain due to the brand being relatively new.
– Incorporates a gel-infused top cover for effective temperature regulation.– Offers a limited range of mattress options compared to other online brands.
– Recommended for side sleepers, couples, and lightweight individuals seeking a plush and affordable mattress.– Not suitable for back/stomach sleepers, individuals with pain issues, or those needing additional support due to heavier weight.
Expert RatingsInsights from Our Mattress Testing Expert
– Support: 6/10
– Comfort: 7/10
– Motion Isolation: 6/10
– Temperature Regulation: 7/10
– Value for Money: 7/10
– Our Product Tester says, “After testing both sides of the flippable Flo Ergo mattress, I observed that the top layer of memory foam feels soft, creating a sinking sensation. The bottom layer, although medium-firm, exhibits softness around the shoulders and hips, potentially causing back pain with regular use.”

3. SleepyCat Original Mattress

Grabbing the 3rd spot on our list of the Top 5 Mattresses in India 2024 is the SleepyCat Original Mattress. This Mattress is like a perfect blend of luxury and affordability and something that doesn’t come around every day. Usually, quality comes with a hefty price tag, but not with this mattress. It’s all about comfort, especially if you’re an average or slightly heavier sleeper, especially if you love dozing off on your stomach or side. Our experts liked that it keeps its shape around the edges but suggested it could use a bit more support for the back.

Top 5 Mattress in India 2024
SleepyCat Original Mattress

So, if you’re on the lookout for a snug and budget-friendly mattress. The SleepyCat Original might be just what you need. It is crafted with three layers of high-quality foam. It hits that sweet spot –not too hard, not too soft. The top layer, like a magic gel, molds to your body, keeping you cool and comfy. The middle layer acts like a strong, supportive backbone, ensuring the mattress lasts. And the bottom layer? It is like a breath of fresh air and keeping things clean and comfy. Bonus – the cover is removable and machine washable, making care a breeze.

And get this – you can order it online from places like Amazon, SleepyCat, or Flipkart. The brand even throws in a 10-year warranty and a 100-night free trial. So, you can make the decision worry-free. People rave that it’s one of the best memory foam mattresses in India, promising you a super comfy and peaceful sleep.

And get this – you can order it online from places like Amazon, SleepyCat, or Flipkart. The brand even throws in a 10-year warranty and a 100-night free trial. So, you can make the decision worry-free. People rave that it’s one of the best memory foam mattresses in India, promising you a super comfy and peaceful sleep.

Review of SleepyCat Original Mattress

Why Go for the Original Mattress?

Just the Right Feel:

Not too hard, not too soft – just perfect. Plus, upgraded with AirGen™ Memory Foam for that extra breathability.

Why You’ll Love It.

Super Comfy: All the layers team up for the perfect mix of support and comfort.

Breathe Easy: Upgraded with AirGen™ for breathability and cool vibes.

Dreamy Cover: The bamboo fabric cover is soft, antibacterial, and oh-so-comfy.

No Disturbance: The No Motion Transfer feature means your partner’s tossing won’t wake you up.

Easy to Clean: The cover unzips from the top, making it a breeze to toss in the wash.

Ready for the comfiest sleep ever? The SleepyCat Original Mattress is all set to give you the sweetest dreams.

PriceStarting from ₹8,499
Special FeatureAirGen™ Memory Foam
Fill MaterialMemory Foam
Product Dimensions198.1L x 182.9W x 20.3Th Centimeters
Top StyleTight Top
ColourMemory Foam
Model NameOriginal Mattress
Ratings4.5 out of 5 stars
Customer Reviews7,413 ratings

Insights from Our Mattress Testing Expert

Product Description


4. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress is a premium product that offers a comfortable and luxurious sleep experience. It uses the patented Japanese SmartGRID technology, which intelligently adjusts to your body shape and pressure points, giving you personalized comfort and support.

Top 5 Mattress in India 2024

The mattress also has a SmartGRID layer with 2500+ air channels, which allows optimal airflow and temperature regulation. The LuxioTec comfort layer is a soft and smooth material that hugs your body, making you feel like you are floating in air. The mattress also comes with a zippered cover that has aloe vera gel infusion which hydrates your skin. The cover is easy to remove and wash, making it convenient to keep clean.

Top 5 Mattress in India 2024
The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company is committed to providing quality sleep solutions. The SmartGRID technology is an innovative invention by former DRDO scientists, which sets a new standard in the mattress industry. It combines soft cushioning and firm pressure relief uniquely.

The company’s goal is to help people sleep better, as one in four Indians struggle with insufficient or poor-quality sleep.

The vision is clear: revolutionize the way people sleep and sit. With over a million users embracing SmartGRID technology, The Sleep Company has successfully transformed the sleep experience for many.

Key Features:

SmartGRID Technology: Developed by DRDO scientists, this technology adapts intelligently to your body shape, providing both soft cushioning support and firm pressure relief.

LuxioTec Comfort Layer: Instantly snuggles your body, offering a luxurious, weightless feeling that aids in falling asleep faster.

No Pressure Support: The mattress layers offer softness and luxury comfort while ensuring no pressure support by adapting intelligently to all body shapes.

Feather Touch Cotton Viscose Cover: Beyond its luxurious appearance, the cotton viscose cover feels soft and plush, providing an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic surface that prevents allergies, and dust mites, and keeps the mattress fresh.

Price₹28,740 (40% off on M.R.P.: ₹47,900.00)
SizeDouble, King, Queen, Single
BrandThe Sleep Company
Product DimensionsDouble, King, Queen, Single
Top StyleTight Top
ColourWhite & Grey
Coil TypePocketed Coil
Model NameSmartGRID Luxe 6 Inch
Product Care InstructionsAlways place the mattress on a flat surface
Cover MaterialCotton
Ratings4.5 out of 5 stars On Amazon
Customer Reviews2,550 ratings on Amazon

In summary, The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress is more than just a mattress, it’s a revolutionary sleep solution designed to enhance your sleep quality and overall well-being.

5. Livpure Smart Duos Reversible HR Foam Mattress

Top 5 Mattress in India 2024

Discover the world of Livpure mattresses, where innovation meets comfort to create a sleep experience like no other. With a community of over a million satisfied customers, Livpure is fueled by two decades of research and technological expertise.

Top 5 Mattress in India 2024

Here’s a glimpse of what sets Livpure mattresses apart:

Livpure mattresses are crafted with Dow ComfortScience™ USA Technology, ensuring Cooling Comfort foam with Superior Breathability for a SweatFree Sleep experience. The 3D SLEEPTECH features Computerized CNC 3D ZONES, providing Customized Support for PressureRelieving Back Support. The Oeko Tex Certified Premium High GSM Luxury Fabric, complete with a removable zipper cover, adds an element of premium aesthetics.

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Livepure mattresses also feature EGAPA Purifying Filter, a patented EGAPA Clean Tech Filter ensuring a toxinfree sleep environment. Finally, our DuosTM technology offers a reversible Duos Foam, precisioncut with zones for Dual Ergonomic Support, and excels in breathability.

Experience the blend of science and comfort with Livpure mattresses, designed to revolutionize your sleep and wellbeing.


Finding the perfect mattress is a big deal – it affects your health, comfort, and overall well-being. We’ve done the legwork and reviewed the top 5 mattresses in India for 2024, breaking down their features, pros, cons, and customer feedback to make your decision easier. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Livpure Smart Duos Reversible HR Foam Mattress:
  1. High-resilience foam for firm and soft support.
  2. Breathable, anti-microbial cover.
  3. Suitable for all sleepers.
  4. 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial.
  • The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress:
  1. Patented Japanese SmartGRID tech for personalized support.
  2. LuxioTec comfort layer for a cloud-like feel.
  3. Aloe vera-infused, hydrating cover.
  4. Reversible with a 10-year warranty and 100-night trial.
  • SleepyCat Original Mattress:
  1. Three layers of quality foam for comfort and support.
  2. Gel memory foam for coolness.
  3. Bamboo fibre cover for antibacterial freshness.
  4. Delivered in a box with a 10-year warranty and 100-night trial.
  • Flo Ergo Mattress:
  1. Memory foam for personalized comfort.
  2. Aloe vera-infused, machine-washable cover.
  3. Motion Isolation and 3D Air-Flo technology.
  4. Reversible with a 10-year warranty and 100-night trial.
  • Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress:
  1. Designed for optimal spine, neck, and joint support.
  2. Memory foam for weight distribution.
  3. Breathable cover for hygiene.
  4. Ideal for orthopaedic issues with a 10-year warranty and 100-night trial.

These mattresses cater to various needs, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Order them online from popular platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Livpure, The Sleep Company, SleepyCat, Flo Mattress, or Wakefit. We hope this guide makes your mattress shopping a dream. Happy sleeping. 😊

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