Top Soft Mattress In India 2024: Best Expert Review

Softness Beyond Compare: Ranking the Top Soft Mattress in India


Hello friends, if you have gone in search of good sleep, then you have to choose the right mattress. You need a good mattress for good sleep, otherwise your sleep may get spoiled. Today we will talk about some best soft mattresses in India. Soft mattresses are becoming famous for their luxurious feel and with it every person is getting good sleep.

Top Soft Mattress In India

In this blog, we will know about some of the top soft mattress in India like the quality of mattress materials or products or the price of the mattress and some of its pros and cons. Explore India’s top brands and essential features. Let’s wander in the world of soft and comfort and search for “Top Soft Mattress in India”.

Understanding Soft Mattresses

Soft mattresses are those that are designed to provide a comfortable and plush feel. This mattress is specially designed for side sleepers and lighter individuals. The material of this mattress, which is a memory foam or latex, adjusts to your body shape and temperature. Generally, their ranking on the firmness scale is between 2 to 4. This mattress is perfect for some people but may not be suitable for people with back or stomach sleepers and overweight individuals who need more support. It is very important to understand your sleep style and body type. Due to which you can enjoy the full pleasure of soft mattress and sleep well.

What is a Soft Mattress and Why You Might Need One? 

Understanding Soft Mattresses and When They’re Beneficial.

A soft mattress boasts a plush and cushiony feel, providing a cozy and comfortable sleep, particularly favored by side sleepers and those dealing with joint or muscle pain.

The advantages of a soft mattress include:

Pressure Relief: Soft mattresses reduce stress on pressure points like shoulders, hips, and knees. They offer excellent cushioning and contouring, adapting to your body shape and weight.

Temperature Regulation: Soft mattresses facilitate cooler sleep by allowing more airflow and breathability compared to firmer mattresses.

Comfort and Coziness: The feeling of sinking into a soft mattress is akin to resting on a cloud. It can be incredibly relaxing and soothing for both mind and body.

However, it’s important to note potential drawbacks:

Sagging: Soft mattresses may lose their shape and support over time, causing your body to sink too deep. This can result in spinal misalignment and lower back pain.

Motion Transfer: Soft mattresses may transfer more movement from one partner to another, potentially affecting sleep quality and comfort.

Edge Support:    Soft mattresses may lack sufficient edge support compared to firmer counterparts. This can make it challenging to get in and out of bed or use the mattress edge for sitting or sleeping.

Therefore, while a soft mattress suits many, it’s not universally suitable. Consider various factors before deciding if a soft mattress is the right fit for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Soft Mattress

Top Soft Mattress In India

When on the quest for the best soft mattress in India, it’s crucial to consider various factors to ensure you find the perfect blend of comfort and support. Here are key aspects to focus on when searching for the ideal soft mattress:

Material Selection: The choice of materials significantly impacts the feel and performance of a soft mattress. In the Indian market, common materials include latex, memory foam, and pocket springs. Latex, being a natural option, provides excellent pressure relief, contouring, and temperature regulation. On the other hand, memory foam, a synthetic alternative, molds to your body but may trap heat. Pocket springs, individually wrapped coils, offer support, motion isolation, and airflow, but they can be prone to noise and sagging.

Firmness Level: Soft mattresses come in various firmness levels, typically ranging from 2 to 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. Your choice should align with your needs and preferences. Softer mattresses offer cushioning and pressure relief but may pose a risk of sagging and spinal misalignment. On the flip side, firmer options provide more support and stability but can lead to pressure points and stiffness. Select a firmness level tailored to your sleeping position, body type, and comfort preferences.

Consider Sleeping Position: Understanding your preferred sleeping position is key in the quest for the best soft mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, a soft mattress can provide the necessary cushioning for your shoulders and hips. Back sleepers might find comfort in a medium-soft mattress that offers contouring and support for the lower back. Stomach sleepers generally benefit from a medium-firm mattress to prevent excessive sinking and potential lower back pain.

Account for Body Type: Your body type plays a crucial role in determining the level of sinkage and support you need from a soft mattress. For petite sleepers (less than 60 kg), a soft mattress may offer optimal comfort without excessive sinking. Average sleepers (60 to 100 kg) might find a sweet spot in a medium-soft mattress, striking a balance between contouring and support. Heavy sleepers (more than 100 kg) may lean towards a medium-firm mattress to avoid undue sagging and maintain proper spinal alignment.

In your pursuit of the best soft mattress in India, these considerations will guide you towards a choice that aligns perfectly with your sleep preferences and specific requirements.

A soft mattress is right for you if you meet some of the following criteria:

  1. You’re a side sleeper who needs more cushioning and pressure relief for your shoulders and hips.
  2. You’re a small sleeper (less than 60kg) who won’t sink too deeply into the mattress and lose support.
  3. You want a comfortable and pleasant sleep experience that fits your body size and weight.
  4. You have joint or muscle pain that may benefit from a plush surface that reduces stress on your pressure points.
  5. You don’t mind sleeping on a mattress that has less bounce, edge support, and temperature regulation than firmer options.


Flip – Dual Sided High Density Foam Mattress with Firm & Soft Sides

Price on Amazon -23% Off ₹16,998 M.R.P.: ₹21,999

Discover the Sleepyhead Flip – a mattress that offers you the luxury of choosing between two distinctive experiences in one. This innovative design ensures you find the perfect fit for your unique sleep preferences effortlessly.

Experience a soft and plush embrace on one side of the mattress, gently cradling your body as you enter a cloud-like cocoon of luxurious soft foam. Perfect for those who savor a more cushioned surface with a medium-firm feel. Seeking a firmer touch? A simple flip reveals the other side, designed to provide a robust and supportive feel. Feel the gentle yet firm support aligning your body for a restful night’s sleep.

Top Soft Mattress In India

With Sleepyhead Flip, compromise is a thing of the past. This mattress provides dual options, giving you multiple chances to discover the ideal level of comfort and support tailored to your needs. Whether you lean towards a soft and plush experience or a firm and supportive feel, Sleepyhead Flip has got you covered.

Embrace the freedom of choice effortlessly with Sleepyhead Flip, seamlessly transitioning between two mattresses in one. Bid farewell to restless nights and welcome a tailored sleep experience that suits your preferences. Elevate your comfort and relish the best of both worlds with Sleepyhead Flip.

Distinctive Features:

– 100 Night Trial: Explore the mattress at your own pace.

– Dual Comfort (Firm & Soft): Tailor your sleep experience based on your mood.

– High Density Foam: Ensures enduring comfort and support.

Noteworthy Benefits:

– Free Home Delivery: Conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

– Soft Knit Fabric: Eliminates body humidity during sleep, enhancing overall sleep quality.

Warranty Period:

– 7 Years

Return and Replacement:

– Returnable under the 100 Nights Trial Policy

Expert Review: Sleepyhead Flip

1. Dual-Sided Versatility: Seamlessly switch between a firm and soft side based on mood and preference.

2. Firm Support for Spine Alignment: Optimal support ensures proper spine alignment for a restful sleep experience.

3. Plush Comfort on Soft Side: Luxurious soft foam offers a plush and cozy feel for nights of ultimate comfort.

4. Premium Materials for Durability: High-quality foam construction enhances breathability and ensures long-lasting use.

5. Hypoallergenic Assurance: Minimizes the risk of allergies and dust mites, creating a clean and healthy sleep environment.

6. User-Friendly Unboxing: Super easy unboxing process allows for effortless self-installation.

7. Generous Trial Period and Warranty: 100-night trial period and a commendable 7-year warranty offer peace of mind.

Sleepyhead Flip is the ideal mattress for those desiring the convenience of two mattresses in one, catering to diverse sleep preferences with its dual-sided design and premium features.

Flo Mattress

Ergo 8-inch Medium Soft King Size Orthopedic Mattress (Gel Memory Foam)

Price on Flo Website M.R.P: Rs. 17,259 Offer Price: Rs. 10,355 (Inc. of all taxes)


Are you looking for new soft and memory foam mattresses online? Today I will tell you why memory foam mattresses are so popular in the Indian market. Do You know memory foam is made with a name called viscoelastic, and it is very soft and very expert in absorbing energy. When this mattress was made most people liked this mattress, and its popularity is increasing day by day.

Now, memory foam isn’t just for mattress products, You will see it in helmet paddings, pillows, car seats, sofas, and many more products. When memory foam becomes tight, it becomes a very strong material that provides good support and pressure relief for a long time. In comparison, spring mattresses, commonly found in many households, tend to have a shorter lifespan than their memory foam counterparts. The advantages of memory foam mattresses are more use full. Let’s know some information.

Effective Pain Relief: After a tiring day, your body needs relaxation, and a good mattress plays a crucial role in this. A memory foam mattress stands out in providing comfort and addressing pain. Thanks to its unique substance, it offers health benefits that aid in pain relief. The material’s absorbent and body-hugging qualities contribute to a quick recovery from injuries, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and your sleep remains comfortable.

Hypoallergenic Feature: Evolution in mattress technology brings forth the hypoallergenic quality of the best memory foam mattresses. These mattresses boast a dense foam structure that minimizes allergen accumulation, keeping out dust, mold, and other irritants. This is particularly advantageous for allergy sufferers, ensuring they enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Anti-Sag and Zero Sinkage: Modern memory foam mattresses are crafted from high-quality, adaptable materials that strike the perfect balance between softness and firmness. The open cell construction ensures these mattresses won’t sag over time, providing excellent value for a mid-range foam mattress price. Bid farewell to any worries about sagging and welcome enduring support and comfort.

Breaking down its composition:

Top layer: A 2-inch thick gel memory foam that molds to your body, providing a plush and pressure-relieving experience. The gel infusion regulates mattress temperature, preventing overheating, and the slow regain property minimizes motion transfer between sleeping partners.

Base Layer: A 6-inch thick responsive foam ensures firm and stable support for your spine, preventing sagging over time. Antisag technology maintains firmness even after prolonged use and 3D Airflow technology promotes ventilation for a fresh sleeping environment.

Bonus Features: A zippered, removable and machine washable made of 4 way stretch fabric infused with aloe vera gel microcapsules. It not only feels soft and smooth but also keeps your skin hydrated and nourished with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

   The contrasting design allows you to choose between a slightly softer or firmer side to suit your comfort preference.

Trial period and warranty: The mattress comes with a 100-night trial period, allowing you to test its comfort in your own space. Not satisfied? Return it within the trial period for a full refund. Additionally, the mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty, which covers manufacturing or workmanship defects.

Certification: Proudly made in India, Flo Ergo mattresses hold certifications from CertiPURUS, OEKOTEX and ISO, ensuring high-end quality, safety and environmental friendliness.

Advantages – Disadvantages:


   Comfort and support for those with back or joint problems.

   Medium soft feel, plush comfort and ideal for side sleepers.

   Gel memory foam regulates temperature and reduces motion transfer.

   Responsive foam layer resists shaking, maintains rigidity.

   Aloe vera infused, machine washable cover with antibacterial properties.

   Reversible design for customizable comfort.

   Generous trial period and a 10-year warranty.

   100% Made in India with top certification.


   May not be suitable for those who feel firm or need more support for back/stomach sleepers.

   Possible offgassing odor and expansion time during initial use.

   Heavy and can be challenging to move or flip without a handle.

   An adjustable bed frame is needed for optimal support.

In conclusion, the Flow Ergo 8 Inch Medium Soft King Size Orthopedic Mattress (Gel Memory Foam) offers an attractive package for those seeking a balance of comfort and support. However, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons against your specific preferences and needs before making the final call. Happy mattress hunting.

The Sleep Company

SmartGRID Luxe Soft Mattress with LuxioTec for Luxury Comfort 

Price On Amazon -40% Off  ₹31,740 M.R.P.: ₹52,900

The sleep company mattress

The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID Luxe Soft Mattress is worth considering. This mattress offers an incredibly soft and comfortable experience, thanks to its innovative Japanese SmartGRID Technology and LuxioTec Comfort layer. The SmartGRID Technology adapts to your body shape, providing optimal support without any pressure points. Meanwhile, the LuxioTec Comfort layer creates a sensation of floating in the air. Additionally, the mattress features numerous air channels that promote coolness and freshness throughout the night.

This mattress is particularly suitable for individuals who prefer a soft and bouncy feel regardless of their preferred sleeping position. It is especially beneficial for stomach sleepers, as it facilitates easier breathing. Another notable advantage is its exceptional motion isolation, ensuring that your partner’s sleep remains undisturbed.

Sometime this mattress may not be suitable for everyone. It may be more cheaper than other mattresses in the Indian market. It is also not recommended for you, if you prefer a firmer or harder surface. Additionally, individuals with existing back pain issues may find it unsuitable. Adjusting to this mattress may also require some time, as it conforms to your body shape and sleeping posture. Proper maintenance is essential to protect the mattress from dust and dirt.

When purchasing this mattress online from either Amazon or The Sleep Company’s website. You will get benefits of a 10-year warranty and free shipping.


Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress 8-Inch King Size

Price On Amazon ₹8,938 M.R.P.: ₹11,314₹11,314

top soft mattress in india

Walkfit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is both comfortable and healthy for your sleep. If you want comfort and healthy, this mattress is right. This blog post aims to highlight why this mattress stands out as a great option for meeting your sleep requirements.

Let us know about Walkefit Orthopedics Memory Foam Mattress in details.

The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is a high-quality mattress composed of three foam layers:

1. Next Gen Memory Foam (Top Layer):

– In accordance to your body shape, distributing weight evenly.

 – Reduces motion transmission for uninterrupted sleep.

2. Responsive Foam (Middle Layer):

   – Adds extra cushioning and bounce to the mattress.

   – Enhances airflow and breathability for a cool and fresh feel.

3. High Resilience Foam (Bottom Layer):

   – Provides a sturdy and durable base for the mattress.

   – Prevents sagging, ensuring longevity.

Additionally, the mattress features a removable and washable cover made of breathable premium fabric. This cover is soft to the touch, offering protection against dust and stains.

Benefits of the Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress:

This mattress offers numerous benefits for your sleep quality and overall health:

1. Relief from Back Pain and Improved Posture:

   – Conforms to the natural curvature of your spine.

   – Supports lower back, neck, and shoulders.

   – Aligns hips and knees, reducing pressure points.

2. Promotes Blood Circulation and Reduces Inflammation:

   – Allows free blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrients.

   – Reduces swelling and inflammation caused by poor posture or injury.

3. Enhances Sleep Cycle and Mood:

   – Facilitates faster and longer-lasting sleep.

   – Creates a comfortable and relaxing environment.

   – Reduces stress and anxiety that may affect sleep quality and mood.

4. Prevents Allergies and Infections:

   – Hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties.

   – Prevents growth of dust mites, bacteria, and fungi.

   – Maintains a fresh and odor-free mattress, preventing skin irritations and respiratory problems.

The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is a wise and budget-friendly investment for your sleep and overall well-being. It is crafted to deliver optimal comfort, support, and pressure relief, improving posture, blood circulation, sleep cycle, mood, and immunity. It is also detachable and washable and it is durable, breathable, and hygienic.

If you’re seeking a mattress for a comfortable and healthy sleep, the Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is worth considering. You can conveniently order it online from their website and enjoy a 10-year warranty along with a 100-night trial. Happy sleeping.

How to Compare and Choose the Best Soft Mattress for You.

Now that you will got some options to consider. You might be thinking how to compare and find the best soft mattress for you and your needs. Consider the following criteria to make an actual decision when you will analyses different soft mattresses.


   Soft mattress prices vary based on brand, quality, size, and features.

   Compare Mattress prices to find out that it fit in your budget and offers the best value for money.

Reviews and Ratings:

   – Customer reviews and ratings provide you actual satisfaction, feedback, and user experiences of mattress.

   – Read reviews to identify which mattress with positive and good feedback.

Warranty and Trial Period:

   – Warranty and trial period of mattress reflect the brand’s confidence in product quality and durability.

   – Look for a soft mattress with a substantial warranty and a generous trial period for testing and satisfaction.

By considering these above factors, you can effectively compare and contrast different soft mattress options, helping you choose the best one that meets your specific needs.


Picking out the perfect soft mattress in India might seem challenging, but fear not! With our handy mattress buying guide, the task becomes a breeze. Everything you need to know about selecting the finest soft mattress in India is included in our guide. Point to be remember when you will chhose or buy a soft mattress.

Understanding what a soft mattress is and why it could be just what you need. Considering key factors like material, firmness level, sleeping position, and body type when making your soft mattress selection. Discovering some of the top soft mattress brands available online in India. Learning how to compare and contrast various soft mattress options to pinpoint the ideal one for your specific needs.

I hope these insights have made your journey to finding the perfect soft mattress a whole lot simpler. Happy mattress Review.


  1. Which mattress is known for being the most soft and comfortable?
  • Memory foam mattresses are often considered the most soft and comfortable due to their adaptive nature.
  1. What is considered the number 1 best mattress in India?
  • The title of the number 1 best mattress in India is subjective and varies based on personal preferences, but Wakefit, Sleepyhead, and other brands with positive reviews are popular choices.
  1. Which type of mattress is best known for its long-lasting durability?
  • Mattresses made with high-quality materials, such as latex or hybrid mattresses with a combination of materials, are recommended for long-lasting durability.
  1. What type of mattress is recommended for a 40-year-old individual?
  • The choice of mattress for a 40-year-old depends on individual preferences and health conditions, but memory foam or hybrid mattresses are often recommended for comfort and support.
  1. Which mattress company is reputed for providing quality sleep products?
  • Reputable mattress companies like Wakefit, Sleepyhead, Kurl-On, and others are known for offering quality sleep products.
  1. What type of mattress is suitable for all-weather comfort?
  • Mattresses with cooling technologies or those made with natural materials like latex are suitable for all-weather comfort.
  1. Which type of mattress is considered best for health in India?
  • Mattresses that offer proper support and alignment, such as orthopedic or memory foam mattresses, are considered best for health in India.
  1. Which Indian mattress brand is frequently regarded as the best?
  • Several Indian mattress brands, including Wakefit, Sleepyhead, and Kurl-On, are frequently regarded as the best, offering a variety of options.
  1. What are some popular choices for India’s largest selling mattress?
  • Popular choices for India’s largest selling mattress include brands like Wakefit and Sleepyhead, reflecting market trends.
  1. How can one buy the best mattress in India? To buy the best mattress in India, consider personal preferences, read reviews, and choose a reputable brand with a suitable trial period and warranty.

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